Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Rain Borders

I am not sure if these have an actual name, they are not weather fronts, that is something different. What I am talking about is that rare occurrence when you stand slap bang between an area of bright sunshine and a band of pouring rain.

I can remember one time when it was pissing down outside the front of my house but out the back is was so bright you needed to wear sunglasses. It lasted for several minutes and I kept running through one door and out the other in excitement. OK, so I was about 10 but I am pretty sure I would do the same thing now.

On another occasion I was waiting for a train on a bright summer’s day when I noticed that the other end of the platform was dark. Not only was it dark but the rain was pouring down. Torrents of the stuff. I stood there amazed as this sheet of water made its way towards me, the other passengers were also watching and sharing the moment with each other. Our train arrived, but without exception we all waited until we were at least partially wet before jumping on board, smiling at each other in the secret knowledge of this meteorological event for the rest of the journey.

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