Sunday, 11 February 2007

Non-Iron Shirts

Clearly invented by the patron saint of Monday mornings.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best invention. 100% cotton, they stay somewhat stiff and hold up for long enough to make up the cost in savings from the cleaners. Some perform better than others and I find that the typical downfall of a Brooks Brothers Non-Iron is fraying at the edges of the collar, cuff or button ends of the shirt. The only other company that comes close is LL Bean, though the wrinkle resistence is not as consistently delievered. Some shirt styles like the pinpoint oxford perform better. My biggest complaint is the relatively small selection, particularly of button down blue shirts. For some reason I only wear blue shirts and finding a suitable array to get me through a couple weeks without repeat has escaped me. Anyway, this is a terrific find for anyone wondering how good these shirts can be...they are that good. And I consider myself somewhat of a shirt snob. Comfortable, sharp and hassle free. Hope this was helpful to anyone on the fence. Buy them!!!! you won't be sorry!