Sunday, 1 April 2007

Bacon Sandwiches

Proof of the irresistible nature of the bacon sandwich is that it stands as the number one reason for former vegetarians falling off the wagon. Even hardened veggies (you know, the ones who don’t even eat fish) can be spied to swoon at the smell of frying bacon and the sight of a bread knife cutting through a crusty loaf in preparation. I once lived with a woman who had been vegetarian all her life (I blame the parents) but still insisted on making my bacon sandwiches for me so that she could be close to their sheer culinary perfection.

Bacon sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes, with many accompanying ingredients, but – and here is the ultimate accolade – they are all great. A long, crunchy baguette filled with exotic salad and slaverings of mayonnaise can be delightful but then no connoisseur of the bacon butty would turn down two slices of white with a bit of butter and brown sauce either. It doesn’t matter how you serve it up, a bacon sandwich is bloody marvellous.

Everyone who makes a bacon sandwich will claim to be the finest proponent of the art in the whole of Christendom. I am no exception and here is my classic recipe:

• 3 rashers of smoked back bacon (it is worth stumping up for some really good quality stuff from a proper butcher but, let’s face it, anything will do)
• 2 slices of hand-cut crusty white bread
• some rocket leaves
• a handful of cherry tomatoes
• Parmesan cheese
• mayonnaise
• Dijon mustard
• some butter (obviously)
Fry the bacon in a little olive oil. When it is almost cooked, but not quite crispy, chuck in some cherry tomatoes which you have sliced in half. While these are cooking you can prepare the bread. Cut two thick slices and slap on the butter. Coat one slice with a generous amount of mayonnaise, and the other with an equally friendly spreading of mustard. Using the mayo slice as your base, pile on the rocket leaves (as much as you want really). Once the bacon is crispy enough for you then arrange the slices on the bread, I prefer two diagonal and once across the middle. Plonk the cooked tomatoes on top and then, using a potato peeler, shave some parmesan over the lot where it will start to melt. Stick the mustard slice on top and press down firmly. Cut lengthways (never diagonally – too flimsy) and enjoy with a cup of tea, a broad grin and juices dribbling down your chin.


Krock said...

Oh I hear you. I've posted about my favourite bacon experience, the BLT. Here's what works for me:

Sourdough bread – toasted (don't even flirt with the idea of using any other kind)
Thomy mayonnaise – on both sides of the toast (don't scrimp and get Kraft, it won't be the same)
Mixed lettuce leaves (avoid those bitter purple leaves)
Thickly sliced tomatoes – two to three slices
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper (and lots of it)
Crispy, fresh bacon.

If you do not have an amazing day after eating one of these then you cannot be helped.
This goes for vegetarians too.

I recommend being mildly hungover and eating it in bed. Joy.

Steve Stack said...

Thank you for this, I shall have to give it a go. Perhaps a collection of bacon sandwich recipes should be my next magnum opus!