Saturday, 31 March 2007

Innocent Smoothie Packaging

Why more food manufacturers don’t give you something interesting to read while you are sitting at the breakfast table is beyond me. Cereal packets could have short stories or, wait for it, serialised novels on the back. Sauce labels could easily sneak in a haiku or two. So full marks and a round of applause to the nice people at Innocent who plaster the packaging for their smoothie drinks with enough reading material to last a breakfast sitting.

You may find instructions on how to turn an empty carton into a cress head, play spot the spoof ingredients (pickled onions or rubber ducks anyone?) or could always look at the base to be told ‘stop looking at my bottom’. Packaging with a sense of humour, designed to inspire a smirk.

1 comment:

mysterycreature said...

It's soo true, I remember when I was younger cereal packets at least had writng on the back (be it boring, uninspiring copy). Nowadays there is nothing and I think this should change!