Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Joy T-Shirt

Sorry that I have been silent for so long. I am busy writing two different books and they both involve a lot of research but I felt moved to blog about this great idea from Canada.

Joy T-Shirts is a very simple concept with a remarkable aim - to change the world in five easy steps.
  1. Select a portrait of someone you don’t know. Click on their thumbnail to read about them & to start building your shirt.
  2. Customize your own T-shirt. All shirts are Sweatshop free and made from certified organic cotton or bamboo.
  3. Wait for your marvelous Joy T-shirt to arrive in the mail. We ship our shirts all over the world.
  4. Take a stand for Global Awarness: Wear your shirt and think about the person printed over your heart.
  5. Upload your photo via the Participate link to have your photo drawn by hand and worn on the hearts of others!
And pretty soon the whole world will be thinking of one another.

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