Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Feeding The Ducks

Quite clearly bread is not a foodstuff that occurs in nature. It is man-made. So why it should be the snack of choice for ducks and swans, or quite how man first came to feed them baked goods, is beyond me.

What I do know is that a trip to the lake, pond, river or large puddle to feed the ducks never fails to entertain. It is therapeutic, relaxing, smile-inducing and just jolly good fun.

It is also an ideal way to dispose of stale bread.


i beati said...

fanatastic memory

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I found you at I Beati who spotlighted your blog. Am so glad she did. Totally agree with your philosophy and your guest blogger's. Would love to list you on my blog list; otherwise, I'll lose you in the black hole of blogland. It was very nice meeting you. Petra

tsduff said...

You know, feeding them a bit of dog kibble is much better for them and just as fun.

I got here on the black box - love your place. Oh, and I used to eat Japanese candies wrapped in rice paper when I was a kid. Now my kids love it too.

Chris said...

Don't feed ducks bread! - here's why http://www.liveducks.com/bread.html