Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Sugar At The Bottom Of The Cup

When you are a kid and start drinking tea for the first time you tend to be permitted plenty of sugar without the guilt that grown-ups have. When you get to the end of the cup, assuming mum or dad haven't stirred it properly (often on purpose), there is a surprise stash of undissolved sugar. This syrup is liquid gold and can only truly be consumed by sticking your finger in.


Jon M said...

Steve will you please stop reading my mind and delving into the golden corners of my childhood. It'll be sugar butties next...actually no, delve away! :)

Tessy Britton said...

When I was visiting New Zealand the coffee shops have 'froth' on the menu for kids which is basically a cup full of the top of a coffee.

They all seem to like it :)