Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Bit In The Song Where The Gospel Choir Kicks In

2 minutes and 52 seconds into All These Things That I've Done by The Killers a gospel choir starts to sing and elevates the song from a cracking rock tune into something that makes you want to move mountains.

Add a gospel backing to any song and I am completely at its mercy. The history of popular music is littered with examples. No matter what your personal taste there will be one for you.

I am not religious and never will be but if anything was going to convert me it would be this.

Oh happy day!


i beati said...

and how Amen !!

Jon M said...

Happy Happy Day! Love Gospel stuff, very uplifting!

Tina B said...

I'm with you Steve; there is nothing quite like the power of a choir of voices to lift you above the mindless negativity swirling around us.

A friend said to me, on hearing the news today, 'Isn't the world and awful place?'

I thought for a moment and then said 'No, actually it isn't, it's just that we never get to hear about the millions of people who've had a good, productive day, achieving whatever they set out to do and who didn't get raped, murdered, mugged or otherwise dumped on by someone.'

It's a pity, I think. I'm joining your crusade and adding your blog to my blogroll! Perhaps we could start a revolution of appreciating what is actually good in the world.

Motheratlarge said...

Like the wedding in Love Actually where the gospel choir stands up at the end and belt out All You Need is Love. I'm really enjoying this blog - makes me pay more attention to the details of everyday life I'd otherwise miss.

Joseph Devon said...

Can't tell you how much I needed a song just like that to get me through a rather trying short story. Thanks for this blog and thanks for the listening suggestion.