Sunday, 16 December 2007

This Morning

Watching as our eight-year-old son walks to my bookshelf and selects something to read.

Good job he didn't go for Lady Chatterley's Lover.


Clare said...

Ha ha -- I remember my father removing Carlos Castenada's The Teachings of Don Juan from my infant hands. The pretty colours on the cover had attracted me. I was finding it very readable, but he said that I might enjoy it more when I was a bit older than six.

Speaking of pretty colours, that picture is wonderful -- where is it from, please?

Also, my copy of IIJYENS arrived today. It's my Christmas present to myself.

Steve Stack said...

All of my pictures on the blog are basically nicked off the internet. This one was found at:

spleenal said...

love those shelves.
i may arrange all my books acording to colour

there are some great things in this world this blog is one of them

Adam said...

A true story.

The picture is indeed by Colin Thompson. It's from the rather wonderful children's book 'How To Live Forever: Or Immortality for Beginners.' It's about how books in a library (the British Library, back when it was in the British Museum) come to life at night, change into a big city, and a boy and his dog go looking for a lost book called How To Live Forever. It opens with a picture of a desk, a lovely old messy straggly with papers and things desk, which I swear is my dad's desk from when he worked there. And some of the pictures are of the book stacks that always hid away from public view, and that's where my mum and dad, who both worked there, met. :) I like your blog very much - and I think you'd like that book very much.