Thursday, 13 December 2007


Following my exciting excursion into the world of headphones with my radio interviews is has been the turn of the press and television to cheer (or boo) about the book.

Al Gore's Current TV ran this exciting review, complete with a picture of me, in both the UK and the USA. International superstardom surely awaits.

Martin Rowson in The Independent featured the book in a round up of humour titles for Christmas and called it 'far too long and not particularly funny'. Seems that he is precisely the sort of chap the book was written for. Give it time to work its magic Martin, you will cheer up eventually.

And Sam Leith in the Telegraph mentions the book and reckons it is 'the opening salvo in a philosophical ping-pong game'. Well, he may be right I guess.

Finally, The London Paper picked It Is Just You, Everything's Not Shit as one of its recommended Christmas stocking fillers. Hurrah!