Monday, 12 November 2007

Taiwanese Notebook Slogans

Not just Taiwan actually, this is a trait of notebooks all over the Far East. Manufacturers of stationery in this part of the world like to put cheerful happy slogans on notepads, and they tend to do it in English. All of those listed below are actual slogans from notebooks and pads, I am not making any of them up.
Whatever you write on them is bound to be bright and happy.

The earth gave me dream and one lovely racoon, I know I was the luckiest man alive.

Hopes me to open the eye form the morning, goes to sleep until the evening, one all is all day fills happiness and the hope.

May the lucky star keep shining on you.
A smile walked with a friend contains only a hundred steps.

If you want, I’ll be the wind for your stifling heart.

In this peaceful time I say your name, the wind answers and smile.

Owning this is one of my greatest enjoyments.

Wishing you a day that begins and ends on a delightful time.

The good mood is a vitamin pill for the soul.
There appears to be no commercial reason for doing this, they are just there. Beats a trip to Rymans any day.


Clare said...

Would you consider selling such notebooks in the IIJYENS shop.

I've just printed out 'Owning this is one of my greatest enjoyments.' and stuck it on my notebook. It looks dandy.

i beati said...

very charming

Eri said...

Ey up chump, following suit from the whimsical notebooks, have you visited A fantastic site that details the hilarious mistranslation and just plain STRANGE usage of the english language.

btw, your book arrived in the mail yesterday - thanks very much! Unfortunately my husband has commandeered it, and last night was enjoying your section on Ikea food...

Steve Stack said...

Husbands tend to like Ikea food a lot. It is the only reason for going really.

Glad it got there OK Eri!