Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Sound Jelly Makes

Onomatopoeia is a wonderful concept but no word has been invented that can adequately describe the sound that jelly makes when it comes out of the mould, or when the first spoonful is dished out.


See, it can’t be done.


i beati said...

good one a challenge no can't get it

Eri said...

Hey dude, yup, I think hosting you on a virtual book tour sounds fun! Just let me know when and what you want to do. I'm happy for you to write a wee spiel, do your own Q & A, feature an excerpt - whatever. If you want to get hold of me on regular email, address it to

(ps - just checking what you mean by sending me a signed copy of the book - is it free? As a Scot, anything with the word FREE attached to it is a huge incentive)


Jon M said...

Once more, you're so right Mr S.