Saturday, 25 August 2007

It Has Arrived!

Oh. My. God.

It is finally here.

Hot off the press is the actual finished copy of my book.

It is real. I haven't been imagining it at all.

I am quite lost for words.


I have no idea how the book will fare with the general public but I hope it strikes a chord with some and proves to be at least mildly popular. The bookshops seem quite keen. Asda, Smiths, Waterstone's and Borders have all ordered it for their Christmas promotions and The Friday Project are printing 30,000 copies.

I hope they don't get them all back.

Wish me luck.

As a special thank you to the regular readers of the blog I have three spare copies that I would love to sign and send to anyone who enjoys my witterings. Just drop me a line at and it would be my pleasure to send you one.

Although if you also want to buy it in the shops it will help keep me in biscuits.


Jon M said...

Good Luck Steve! One of my fave sites! :-)

Cheryl Hagedorn said...

Congratulations! I just posted about your blook this morning. If you could tell some things about how it's arranged or the process used to produce it, I would be forever grateful. Either leave a comment or write me and I'll post your letter. Thanks.

sandykessler said...

what is price got it on my Christmas list no money this moment but how much time to get copies.. sk