Thursday, 26 April 2007

Nice Biscuits

No blog claiming to be a guide to all things nice would be complete without this titular biscuit. Named after the French city, they were seen as a posh treat for afternoon tea when they first appeared in the 1920s. Nice is not a brand name and consequently lots of different companies make them all over the world. The recipes can vary but all feature coconut as a key ingredient, tend to have a sprinkling of sugar and, of course, have the word ‘NICE’ embossed on the top.

And if I may be permitted an aside on the word ‘nice’. In my children’s school there is a poster which shows the word being thrown into a dustbin. ‘Nice’ is banned from all composition on the grounds that it isn’t descriptive enough. Many teachers share this view. Enough, I say. There is nothing wrong with the word nice, it doesn’t deserve to be ostracised in this way. It has never hurt anyone. I submit the short essay below by way of protest:
What I Did On My Holiday by Steve Stack

We drove to Nice in the south of France where we stopped off for a cup of tea and some Nice biscuits. We had a jolly nice time.


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